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My colleagues and I strove, in completely inadequate premises and at a time of great difficulty, to maintain high standards of scholarship, conduct and responsibility, and the greater problems we faced, the more we loved the school. When a distinguished person dies he is commemorated by a service of thanksgiving for his life and work. In the same way, I feel that we should express our pride and joy in the achievements and influence of Accrington Grammar School. The late Sir Percy Lord once described it as a great school, and I believe he was right. For eighty years it produced hundreds of pupils of the highest intellect and character, whose parents unstintingly supported the School and made untold sacrifices for the good of their sons and daughters. It was splendidly staffed by scores of able and dedicated men and women, and it was governed in an enlightened and liberal way by people who were proud of the School and anxious for its welfare. In co sequence, the reputation of the School spread far beyond the confines of its country and even its continent. I still hear from former pupils in distant parts of the world, men who acknowledge what they owe to the training and inspiration they received at School. Administrative changes in education can only be justified if they result in wider opportunities for all boys and girls in the schools and a raising of the intellectual and moral standards of the whole population. If they do not have this effect, then the destruction of schools like Accrington Grammar School is an unpardonable crime. Only time and experience will show whether education in this country has benefited or not.

Bernard Johnson, Headmaster

Reproduced with kind permission from 'An Accrington Mixture' by Bob Dobson [ISBN 1 872895 26 3]
Bernard "Ben" Johnson, Headmaster, 1941-1967

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New Pictures: When the Grammar School was being demolished, Les Rooks took his camera and gained access to take some pictures. You can see them here.

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SPENDING OUR FUNDS.   On that evening, we will be handing over cheques for £250 to 4 local organisations which work with local youngsters. It is the view of our committee that we ‘put something back’ into such organisations in return for what we received in our all-round education.. The organisations are :- a)  One which teaches cricket in local schools and runs a competitive league for them. Recently our current and past presidents, Peter Edmundson and Geoff Lund attended one of the indoor sessions and were  impressed..   Member Peter Clegg is one of the organisers but cannot attend our gathering, so is sending a deputy to receive our cheque. . …..b) The Hyndburn division of the Lancashire Constabulary Volunteer Police Cadets. They meet weekly and turn out under police supervision to work for the public good.  We have previously given to them and support the work they do. ….c) The Accrington Academy School and the Accrington & Rossendale College, both of which run a Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which work with pupils in making them better citizens through outdoor activities.

Having spent £1000, our funds are depleted, and in an effort to replenish them so that we can continue giving to local youngsters, we will be holding a raffle for cash prizes at the social evening.

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